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21,000+ VAT entities file with us: we are reliable, robust.

We offer spreadsheet/Excel MTD bridging software, so you can carry on filing your VAT Returns.

Used by: Top 15 Accountancy firms to bookkeepers - FTSE PLCs to window cleaners.

Sage & QB Users etc Export to Excel + File!



  • I’ve filed 361 VAT Returns so far on 123 Sheets for clients, and have found it efficient, simple and easy to use.
    BR Pusser & Co
  • I looked at various software, but found this the simplest and easiest. I’ve filed 31 VAT Returns so far for my clients. I didn’t need to read any instructions.
    All Paul Ltd
  • Many thanks for your endless patient help with MTD registrations. I hope you don't mind but I have recommended your software to quite a number of clients.
    Martin Seitler & Co


  • I tried other bridging software, and gave up in despair! I then found 123 Sheets which I found simple and easy to file my VAT Return.
    Trusted Floor Solutions Ltd
  • The software looked so easy, I suspected fraud. My accountant told me you are legitimately approved by HMRC. I’ve now filed my first VAT Return with ease.
    Abbey Pet Foods
  • I feel smug that I have filed my first VAT Return with 123 Sheets, and haven’t had to pay hundreds to one of the larger software providers.
    Saxtead Livestock Ltd
  • I’ve now filed my first VAT Return. They helped me register for MTD when I was struggling: excellent service.
    Stock Solutions Ltd
  • The system is very easy to use, I filed our VAT Return without needing any support.
    BJ Chemists Ltd
  • Customer Services was exceptional, I was quickly able to file my VAT Return with their help.
    Unsworth Family Stores

How does it work?

  • 1

    Insert our worksheet into your Spreadsheet.

  • 2

    Upload your spreadsheet to our website.

  • 3

    File your VAT Return & view your VAT history.

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Sage and Quickbooks.

“Instead of printing your VAT return in your software, export it to Excel. Upload the Excel file to our website for VAT Return Submission.”

Sage Watch How    QuickBooks Watch How

We are dedicated to long term investment in MTD, to ensure you can keep on using spreadsheets for Making Tax Digital whatever the future holds.

So whenever HMRC makes changes to digital record-keeping, VAT, Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax, we are ready to ensure you can still carry on using Microsoft Excel for your record-keeping - come what may.

Signing up for MTD can be a complicated process. We'll support you through your move to MTD.

Our software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 1997 through to the latest versions.

We work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals.

Transparent Pricing.
Unlimited Support.

We Take Your Data Security Seriously.

We encrypt all data transferred between you, us and HMRC.

When you upload your spreadsheet, we only read the nine-box VAT Return figures. We do not use or store any of your underlying financial data.

We do not see or store any of your credit card details. For your annual licence payment, you are re-directed to Payment Express, a banking facility that partners with World Pay. Once payment is made, you are re-directed back to our website. World Pay is a FTSE 100 listed company.

We store very limited information about you. All VAT return historic data, payments and liability information shown on our website come from HMRC's server each time, we do not store these. We store: contact name, business name, e-mail address and phone number. We also store and encrypt: HMRC Gateway IDs & passwords, passwords to our website and VAT Numbers.

The servers we use are kept in a secure UK-based data centre, controlled by the largest web hosting company in Europe. Our servers use enterprise level microsoft operating systems and database software, as well as the latest anti-virus and anti-intrusion blocking software. The database is backed up daily. Remote server access is restricted to administrators having unique hand-held security devices. Remote server access security is provided by Cisco Systems, a company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

So we take very, very seriously your data security concerns.

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What is ‘Making Tax Digital’?

There are two basic elements to this:

  1. You must keep your bookkeeping, through to the VAT filing, on computerised systems. You cannot do it in ledger books/paper anymore;
  2. The Government Gateway website is gradually being taken down. If your bookkeeping software doesn’t have a facility for you to file your VAT Return, you will need bridging software. This is what we provide.

What Data do you Send to HMRC?

We extract out of your spreadsheet the nine-box VAT Return figures and send those to HMRC. HMRC do not get your spreadsheet. We do not keep anything you upload to us.

Does Your Software Last Just for a Year?

No, our software has been approved by HM Revenue & Customs for long-term use.

There are some bridging software providers that only last one year: typically their plan is to move you onto their bookkeeping system after the first year, or before. Don’t be sucked in by the 12-month tales of some bookkeeping software providers.

How Do I Insert The 123Sheets Worksheet Into My Spreadsheet?

Watch this video:

or follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have both spreadsheets open on Excel: our worksheet and your bookkeeping spreadsheet;
  2. Then, click on "View" then "View Side-by-Side". You should now see both spreadsheets at the same time: one above, one below on the same page;
  3. Now pick up by the tab and drop either our worksheet into your spreadsheet, or vice versa to finish.

Failing that, you do not need to merge our worksheet into yours. You can keep the two spreadsheets separate, and use a formula to move your VAT Return nine-box figures to our spreadsheet and just upload that.

Is Your Software Compatible With Older Versions of Microsoft Excel?

Our software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 1997 through to the latest versions.

Don’t I need to Put My Business Details in The Spreadsheet?

No. In order to file a return, you will set up an account with us and enter those details there. When filing a return to HMRC, we send those details and your VAT Return figures to HMRC, so we do not need to ask you for them each time you submit a VAT Return.

I Don’t Have Excel, Do You Work With Other Spreadsheet Software?

Yes. Please click on the relevant software link below to see how to do it.

If your software is missing from the above list, let us know what it is and we’ll get back to you.

Do you Work with Sage, Quickbooks and Other Bookkeeping Software?

Yes, we have a section above for Sage and Quickbooks. As long as your software allows you to export the Return into Excel or a .csv file, you can use our software. If it will only export a PDF, you can use a free PDF converter on the internet to convert your file into an Excel file. We are looking to increase the number of automatic imports for different software. If your software isn’t listed, get in touch, and we may be able to provide an automatic import facility for you within a week or so.

Do you Work with Different VAT Schemes?

Yes, we work with all VAT Schemes.

FRS, Groups, Partial Exemption, Capital Goods, Margin Schemes, Cash Accounting, Annual Scheme, Retail Schemes, Payments on Account etc can all use our software.

Just ensure the figures on your return are calculated correctly according to your scheme rules and are put in the correct boxes as per the rules for your VAT scheme. (Eg: on the FRS, Box 6 is the Gross Sales (inc. VAT), and Box 1 is your FRS % multiplied by your box 6 figure – other boxes are normally zero).

What Kind of Businesses do you Work With?

We work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals.

How do I Purchase Your Software?

Create an account with us. Do that by clicking on “Create Account” near the top of this page. Then log in to your account and select the ‘Purchase’ link.

Can I Try This Software Before Buying?

Yes, you can use our Demo Version.

There is a ‘Try Before you Buy’ button below the video at the bottom of the ‘How does it work’ section above.

Do you keep my Data Secure?

Yes, we have a section further above dedicated to that topic, entitled “We Take Your Data Security Seriously”. Please read that.

You can also test SSL security quality for us and competitors on:

You can test for security vulnerabilities on:

In both cases, just enter the website url and a grade will be shown (A grade to F).

You may be surprised to see what grades are shown for some websites!

How Much Does it Cost?

Find further up the page our pricing section. Businesses and agents can have multiple businesses with us with just one 123Sheets account. Move the slider along to get the relevant multi-business licence price.

How Do I File My EC Sales List?

EC Sales Lists are not yet part of Making Tax Digital, so file those however you were filing them previously.

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Making Tax Digital (MTD) Rationale

HM Revenue & Customs wants to cut its costs and get paid taxes quicker. This is the bottom line.

HM Revenue & Customs is able to cut its costs, if it no longer has to offer free software and software support to businesses. Therefore, HM Revenue & Customs are now telling businesses that they must use third party software to file quarterly Returns (for VAT, Income Tax and Corporation Tax). VAT is the first tax to start, with quarterly Income Tax and Corporation Tax Returns to follow over the next few of years.

HM Revenue and Customs orginally intended for quarterly payment of income tax and corporation tax along with the quarterly returns. However, after a back-lash they relented, and now say that businesses can voluntarily pay the taxes filed quarterly (except VAT) if they so wish. In addition, HMRC believes that if businesses see what tax they have to pay every quarter, even if they don't pay it, they are more likely to keep aside money for that tax and not spend it, so businesses that have a history of paying late, do not do so in future.

We are one of those third party software providers, ensuring you keep compliant with the new HMRC rules. We provide what is known as Bridging Software, creating a "bridge" between your bookkeeping data and HMRC, without the need for other expensive software to be purchased, without learning new complicated systems and without losing the flexibility of keeping your business data in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet.

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